The photographer

In 2007 Domhnall's photographic slate had been wiped clean by the death of a hard drive containing ten years of images taken with a variety of compact film and digital cameras.

Although he knew there were some disorganised boxes of negatives and transparencies buried in an attic far, far away, a brief reactive depression followed, until, one fine day, a light appeared at the end of the lens, and through a gradually widening aperture, everything appeared sharp and in focus.

He bought a Canon EOS 40D and never looked back...

In November 2009, Domhnall won the Landscape Category, and was the Overall winner of the NI RSPB's photography competition, "Nature's Hotspots." This first competition success has sowed a seed, and a focus on higher profile competitions is a goal in 2010.

In his dreams, Domhnall makes a living from creating fine art landscapes without compromising for commercial gain. He is also a world class climber, a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker, and a gangster of love. He is not, however, a conjuror of cheap tricks.

Domhnall plays his cards close to his chest and keeps his tongue firmly in his cheek. He knows when to hold 'em, knows when to fold 'em, but has no idea when to walk away, and prefers to ride his bike than run. Mostly, he takes life way too seriously, and quotes song and film lyrics ad nauseum.